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#LiveLifeFully Playlist

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Last summer, I shared my travel playlist. This summer, travel has been scarce; however, I've still been jamming in my backyard mini-farm (yeah, you read right! I started a whole fabulous mini urban farm complete with chickens, over 10 different crops, a flower garden, overalls, sunhats, and all in my backyard).

Since I was unwilling to press my luck with the Rona, I took my quarantine time to find a new method of self-care, since travel therapy was off the docket. That is when I discovered the high importance of having the right tunes to align with your mindset, especially during extremely sensitive times.

Quarantine life is hard as is, even for someone who can be a natural homebody and hermit-like myself. Let's face it, COVID-19 came into our lives and flipped everything upside down. Could we have handled this situation better? Most definitely. But what's done is done, and here we are in this present moment. While some still rebel against precautions and others wallow in fear about the virus and its effects on the world, I choose to still live life fully. Now, please take note, that does not at all mean that I'm out there reckless, catching flights, wearing a mask underneath my chin, etc.

What living life fully means during this time, is keeping my mind nice and balanced, being grateful for a healthy and vibrant life while doing my due diligence to maintain it, and taking time to notice the good opposed to focusing on all the bad.
So, if you're trying to vibrate higher, get in touch with your best self, and live your best life--even in the midst of a pandemic--you must take guard of your heart, mind, and ears.

Here are some tunes to help get you in the right mindset with a lifted mood as you dance in the mirror reciting your affirmations; bust a sweat while working out (because summer bodies are still a thing); chillaxing real cool on your patio, balcony, in your backyard; and/or while you groove in your car (depending on your state's situation, this is the summer of road trips, but please be safe!).

Without further ado, here are the songs featured in my #LiveLifeFully playlist. I usually play this on random, so they are in no particular order. Yes, some songs repeat from last year's summer travel playlist, but what can I say besides good music transcends time? I pray that this playlist is a blessing to you and your continued glow-up! 💖

  1. HoodCelebrityy - Live Life

  2. Khalid - Know Your Worth (Featuring Disclosure)

  3. Beyonce - MOOD 4 EVA (Featuring Childish Gambino & Jay-Z)

  4. Bomba Estereo - Soy Yo

  5. Koffee - Toast

  6. Beyonce - Don't Jealous Me (Featuring Tekno, Mr. Eazi, & Yemi Alade)

  7. Janet Jackson - Made For Now

  8. Jhene Aiko - Speak

  9. Ella Mai - Naked

  10. Mary J. Blige - I Feel Good

  11. India Arie - Just Do You

  12. Jhene Aiko - Love

  13. Jill Scott - Blessed

  14. Mary J. Blige - Thriving (Featuring Nas)

  15. J. Cole - Crooked Smile (Featuring TLC)

  16. Shenssea - Blessed (Featuring Tyga)

  17. Beyonce - My Power (Featuring Nija, Tierra Whack, & Moonchild Sannelly)

  18. Jhene Aiko - Magic Hour

  19. Miguel - Skywalker

  20. Beyonce - Water (Featuring Pharrell Williams & Salatiel)

  21. Beyonce - Bigger

  22. Athena Cage - All Or Nothing

  23. Sade - Cherish The Day

  24. Destiny's Child - Free

  25. India Arie- Strength, Courage, & Wisdom

  26. Toni Braxton - Let It Flow

  27. India Arie - Butterfly

  28. Childish Gambino - Summertime Magic

  29. Jhene Aiko - Summer 2020

  30. Sounds of Blackness - Optimistic

  31. Childish Gambino - Feels Like Summer

  32. TaMyya J - God Got My Back

  33. Jonathan McReynolds - Excited

  34. Lil Duval - Smile (Featuring Snoop)

  35. Charlie Wilson - I'm Blessed

  36. Keyshia Cole - Unbothered

  37. India Arie - Beautiful

  38. Kelly Price - It's My Time

  39. India Arie - There's Hope

Given the current situation we are in as a country as it pertains to race relations, here are a few songs that I enjoy listening to that adds an extra bit of social consciousness to my playlist:

  • Beyonce - Black Parade

  • D Smoke - Black Habits

  • D Smoke - Let Go

  • India Arie - What If



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