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Finally, a journal that gives you affirmation, inspiration, and representation. On each page, see how your sisters cheer you on and give you affirmations to elevate your mind and spirit to achieve the greatness you were destined to achieve. Complete with 100 affirmations, each page brings you closer and closer to you living your best life, free from fear, insecurity, doubt, and scarcity. You have a tribe sister on each page that reminds you that you are that girl, so be that girl!


New Adventure Amenities for the LiveLearnLove Family!



Embrace The Adventure of Business

Need some captivating content for your brand?

I got you! All created content will be branded specifically for your business from promo videos, e-course production, flyers, banners, YouTube branding, social media branding materials, website, etc.

Contact me and let me know what you need. We will have a quick consultation chat, and then we'll collaborate to take your brand to the next level! 


Get Your Mind & Body Adventure Ready!

I am certified and ready to facilitate more adventurers in a balanced and healthy lifestyle. My sessions will incorporate yoga flows with nature therapy, as well as chakra affirmations. Sessions will begin in the Spring in the Chicagoland area.

Schedule Will Open In June


Exploring the Adventures of Being an Urban Farmacist

Come harvest season (June-August), you will be able to get your fresh, organic vegetables and fresh, delicious brown eggs from my farm. 

New update: LuLu's Fresh Organic Eggs are available for delivery and pick-up for Chicagoland area residents!

The only way we can live life fully is if we eat well to live well. Getting fresh, organic vegetables and fresh eggs is a start in that journey. 

In partnership with Lawi's Smoothies & BodyBroadcast, we will also offer healthy smoothies as well. 

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