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This Moment Is Life!

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

While these hashtags may seem in line with a current trend and just something catchy to place at the end of the long barricade of hashtags of your IG posts, those hashtags are so much deeper than that for me. Those hashtags are my current season's mantras. They help me maintain my focus. I'll go more in-depth of my story as time goes on, but on the surface, know this, just as Nicki Minaj's lyric says, "to live doesn't mean you're alive", many of us have fallen into patterns like zombies. I was one of them. Keeping with the same song, "No, I'm not lucky, I'm blessed," that I had someone in my corner that was willing to call me out on my zombie-like ways, regardless of the angel-like veil that covered it all.

One thing that we must all remember, every day, with each passing minute, that moment is life! A precious measurable gift that cannot be regained once it has passed. So, what are you doing with your moments? What impression is being left with your life?

Let me pause to further explain what the zombie condition is. The zombie condition refers to those who get so wrapped up in the meticulous details of day-to-day life and "grinding" that the true concept and blessings of life are overlooked and, essentially, not appreciated. What does that look like? Not having a balance between achieving your professional goals and personal goals. Or to put it in terms of the current wave, not showing self-love by way of self-care, taking necessary breaks, saying, "Yes" to yourself, while respectfully (or maybe not) saying, "No" to others. I was so caught up in being the light for others, making sure this and that was handled that I looked up, and my twenties were dang near over and while I made great things happen for others, I felt unaccomplished in terms of progress I made for myself. But, because I was doing it for the Kingdom and my people, I was okay with the sacrifice. Until conviction kicked in. We all hear that voice that tells us to calm down, breathe, take a break, but we've convinced ourselves that if we push past that success is on the other side. But at the risk of sounding "too free-spirited and free-minded", what is a success if you haven't enjoyed the process and you can't enjoy the achievement? So the zombie condition is depriving yourself of unhealthy practices that weigh you down, deplete your inner light and life force, and cause you to be one-dimensional and wonder why you're so dry.

So after being rescued from the Zombie Nation, I'm all about taking my moments and cashing out! I can't be the light for others if I've let my light suffocate. So, I celebrate life. I acknowledge, celebrate, and worship the One who gave me life in everything! With every new adventure, my faith is tried and reassured. With every moment that I CHOOSE to live to the fullest, I am flushed with gratitude that makes my smile shine brighter, makes my heart fuller, and allows me to release more positive vibes everywhere I go and with all who I encounter. Attitudes and energy are indeed contagious, so make yours worth catching.

That's what all of this is about! Evaluate yourself, (self-care and love do include checking yourself boo-boo) and see if you've become a member of the Zombie Nation. Make sure you don't have a monthly drill check-in to the Nation either! Let's live! Live your life in a way that is pleasing to your Creator. We were already told in the Holy Writ, that there is a time for everything, so what are you waiting on? Realize that this moment is yours. "This is your moment, you've waited all your life, and it's time. Drifting away, you're one with the sunsets, you have become alive!" So rise up, breathe in courage, and exhale fear. Let your consciousness awaken and rise to understand the concept of "life more abundantly". Let your mouth speak words that affirm the sacred gift of life in each day. Let your faith grow and heal you. Let go of all the ideas, habits, and thoughts that no longer serve you nor your new life. There's no room for them, no need for them, so let them go. Say, "Bye" to the zombie way of life and "Hello" to the adventurer within you.

I look forward to our journeys together as we live, learn, and love to the fullest fearlessly!

This Is Your Moment...Celebrate It, Embrace It, Love It, & Learn From It!


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